About 'T-GOLD + METS' Pavilion


Formerly known as ‘METS - Machinery, Equipment, Technology and Supplies for Jewellery & Watch Industry’, ‘T-GOLD + METS’ Pavilion is Asia’s premiere international professional trade exhibition of jewellery and watch making machinery, equipment, technology and supplies. The scope of exhibits encompasses the entire jewellery and watch production process, from state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and devices for mould-making, casting, stone-setting, polishing, finishing, assembling, quality control and packaging, to advanced production technology, rapid prototyping solutions, CAD software, laboratory equipment and supplies, precious metal processing apparatus, metal assaying devices, production management systems, security system services, as well as an exhaustive selection of parts, tools, materials and other supplies that competitive jewellery and watch fabrication needs.


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